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Smoke Times & Temperatures Chart

When it comes to smoking meat, the time is not nearly as important as the temperature. Temperature should always be used to determine when the meat is done cooking rather than the time.

* Below is a list of times and temperatures for smoking meats. The “Time to Completion” column are an estimation but should allow you to ballpark when the meat will be done smoking.

Type of MeatSmoking TempTime to Complete *Finished Temp
Brisket (Sliced)250°F1.5 hrs/pound205°
Brisket (Pulled)250°F1.5 hrs/pound210°
Beef Ribs250°F3-4 hrsTender*
Pork Butt (Sliced)250°F1.5 hrs/pound185°
Pork Butt (Pulled)250°F1.5 hrs/pound205°
Whole Chicken250°F4 hrs165°
Chicken Thighs250°F1.5 hrs165°
Chicken Quarters250°F3 hrs165°
Whole Turkey 12#250°F6.5 hrs165°
Turkey Leg250°F4 hrs165°
Turkey Wings250°F2.5 hrs165°
Turkey Breast – bone in250°F4-6 hrs165°
Pork Tenderloin250°F2.5 hrs145°
Breakfast Sausage250°F2 hrs145°
Fatties250°F2 hrs165°
Meat Loaf250 -300°F3 hrs160°
Meatballs (2 inch)250°F1 hr160°
Spare Ribs225-250°F5-6 hrsTender*
Baby Back Ribs225-250°F5-6 hrsTender*
Salmon225°F1 hrs145°
Smoked Corn225°F1.5 – 2 hrsN/A
Smoked Potatoes225°F2 – 2.5 hrsN/A