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We're the "HUB" for
all Your BBQ Needs

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and skills needed for a great cooking experience. We have a great line of cookers for you to choose from which include electric, charcoal, wood, and pellet. To accompany these grills we have a brought in a selection of charcoal, wood, and pellets to create the unique flavors that you are looking for.

Helping U Barbeque Presents

How To BBQ Classes

Are you looking to cook more than just burgers and hotdogs on your grill? Regardless of whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pitmaster, we can teach you some new tricks! Helping You Barbeque has partnered with some fantastic pitmasters to share their knowledge and experience with you. We have introductory classes, such as cooking ribs, all the way up to professional level “how to butcher your own pig” courses. We not only look forward to sharing our knowledge, but we have fun and eat some amazing food as we learn. We offer new classes all the time, so check back often to get signed up!